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Kubernetes and GitOps consulting

Here you will find peer advice on your current challenges related to containerization, DevOps, Kubernetes and GitOps in software development and operations

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Ask our experienced cloud engineers and platform engineers about your current challenges around containerization, DevOps, Kubernetes and GitOps in cloud operations, e.g. answers to questions like:

  • GitOps for infrastructure: Which operators are suitable for rolling out Kubernetes clusters?
  • The right GitOps operator: How do I decide between ArgoCD or Flux or Fleet?
  • Which GitOps repo pattern is good for small teams? Which repo pattern is suitable for large and distributed teams?
  • Secrets management with container orchestrator: how does it work?
  • Who can help me with declarative programming? Short pair programming, review or expert tip on your yaml code.
  • How do GitOps and the CI server work together?
  • What are the tenant separation options offered by Kubernetes and GitOps?
  • How do I avoid vulnerabilities/CVEs in container images?
  • Helmet or customize?
  • I have questions about the GitOps playground.

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