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Scrum Master practice training

The practical training for Scrum Masters with theoretical knowledge and without practical experience

  • In-house

  • Online, In-person

  • Scrum Master

  • Scrum Master beginner

  • 2 days

  • German, English

  • Price upon request

About this training

After they have their certificate in their pocket, new Scrum Masters are often overwhelmed in everyday life, because the Scrum Guide does not provide any assistance in the concrete design of the events and artifacts. This training makes new Scrum Masters fit by giving them practical tips on the design of events and the use of artifacts. Scrum Masters take away concrete options for action for themselves and their Scrum Team. The training in a small group offers additional opportunities for exchange and networking. The focus is on the topics that are most important to the participants.

The training comprises 12 hours and can be booked in one piece (2 days) or as 3 half-day sessions in order to optimally integrate into the participants' daily routine. The group size is 3-8 people.

In the process, the following questions, among others, are answered

  • How do I run the Daily effectively?
  • How do I design productive retrospectives?
  • What are Story Points and how do we use them?
  • How do we achieve reliable sprint planning?
  • How do I formulate good sprint and product goals?
  • How do we formulate and tailor meaningful user stories?
  • What are the design options for the Sprint Backlog (Board)?
  • How do we create a DoD and apply it?
  • How do I make the Sprint Review productive?
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  • Comprehensive training material
  • Focus on topics in line with requirements
  • Trainer with diverse practical experience
  • Personal certificate of attendance

Additional services for in-person trainings

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Required knowledge

  • It is assumed that the contents of the Scrum Guide are known.
  • It is recommended that the Scrum Master is currently in charge of a Scrum Team in order to be able to bring his/her situation into the training and to transfer training contents directly.

Technical requirements

  • Internet capable computer, ideally with webcam
  • Stable Internet access
  • Updated, common browser

Course of the training days


  • The Daily
  • The Sprint Backlog / Board
  • The retrospective
  • The Definition of Done


  • Formulate and cut user stories
  • Story Points and Velocity
  • Sprint planning
  • The sprint and product goal
  • The Sprint Review

Additional modules

We support you every step of the way – from advice to implementation:

Trainer Check In

One-hour question session 7 to 14 days after training.

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