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Introduction to Apache Kafka

Basic course on the concepts and features of Apache Kafka

  • In-house

  • Online, In-person

  • Developers (DevOps), Data Engineers

  • 2 days

  • German

  • Price upon request

About this training

In this hands-on seminar, participants will learn the concepts and features of Apache Kafka.

After an introduction to the areas of application  and the architecture, the following topics will be covered:
Configuration and administration, partitioning , clustering, publish/subscribe, compression, replication, security and performance tuning.

In the process, the following questions, among others, are answered

  • What is Kafka and what use cases is it suitable for?
  • What are topics, partitions, and offsets?
  • How do brokers and topics interact?
  • How are Topics replicated?
  • What are Producers and Keys?
  • What are Consumers, Consumer Offsets, and Consumer Groups?
  • Is the Zookeeper service still needed?
  • How does Kafka store data while preserving performance?
  • How is the data cleaned up?
  • How do I administer my Kafka cluster?
  • How do I increase the performance of my cluster?
  • How do I secure my cluster?
  • What is the operational management for a cluster?
  • How do I write and read data to and from Kafka?


Required knowledge

You should have knowledge in the following areas:

  • IT basics
  • Basic knowledge of Java programming
  • Basic knowledge of Big Data Engineering

Technical requirements

For our online trainings all participants need ...

  • a computer with Internet access.
  • a stable Internet connection.
  • an updated browser, preferably Chrome.

Course of the training days


  • Kafka Introduction: Introduction, Producer, Consumer, Zookeeper
  • Kafka Deepening: Cofiguration, Partitions, Segments, Log Cleanup
  • Kafka Administration: cluster sizing, cofiguration, resilience, hands-on
  • Kafka Performance: hardware, network, OS, miscellaneous


  • Kafka Security: Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, ACLs
  • Kafka monitoring and operations management: monitoring, metrics, broker handling, upgrade
  • Producer and Consumer: producer, consumer, compatibility, real world

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