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Docker© & Containers - From Zero To Hero

Intensive training on Docker© from the basics to advanced topics.

  • Open, In-house

  • Online, In-person

  • Developers (DevOps), Softwarearchitects, Administrators

  • Docker beginner

  • 3 days

  • German

  • from 1749€ plus VAT

About this training

This training picks up participants with no prior knowledge of containers and teaches the basics of development with Docker© with many hands-on exercises. Advanced topics, a look under the hood of Docker© as well as an outlook into the future of containers complete the offer. The intensive training provides a deep insight into the topic and thus helps to avoid pitfalls, sensitizes for security and imparts sustainable expertise.

In addition to the contents of the basic training "Docker© & Containers - Foundations" (Day 1-2), this training contains extra background knowledge (Day 3). It provides an extremely comprehensive insight into the topic of containers and its synergy with adjacent topics such as CI/CD, DevOps and Microservices.

In the process, the following questions, among others, are answered

  • What are containers?
  • How do you containerize an existing web and CLI application?
  • How to deploy and distribute images?
  • Can containers only be used for stateless applications?
  • How do you persist data when using containers?
  • How do containers communicate with each other?
  • How do you start an entire system landscape with just one command?
  • What do I need to know about security?
  • How to choose suitable base images?
  • What role do Docker© technologies play in Continuous Delivery and DevOps?
  • What are the options for containers on Windows?
  • What standards exist in the container environment?
  • How do you create images and launch containers without Docker©?
  • What features of the Linux kernel are relevant to containers?
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  • Supported onboarding for online trainingsas well as detailed information material on the process, login and infrastructure for the training course
  • Detailed training material including additional material for self-training
  • Personal certificate of attendance
  • Individual support of min. 5 to max. 12 participants by up to 2 trainers (depending on group size)

Additional services for in-person trainings

  • Coordinated COVID-19 hygiene concept
  • Provision of computers for the booked training
  • Catering (drinks, snack, lunch) included in price


Required knowledge

Our training participants generally have a know-how range between "first experience" and "regular use with good previous knowledge" in the area of Docker©. 

You don't have to be a professional in cloud computing, software development, or Docker© to attend our trainings.

If you have a basic understanding of how to use a cloud environment and can work easily on the Linux CLI you are well qualified for our Docker© training courses.

Technical requirements

For our online trainings all participants need ...

  • a computer with Internet access.
  • administrator rights on their computer.
  • a working memory with at least 16 GB RAM.
  • a stable Internet connection.
  • an updated browser, preferably Chrome.
  • Docker Desktop on their machine, when using Windows or macOS.

Course of the training days


  • Basics of Container Technology
  • Docker© core components
  • Docker© CLI & container images
  • Registries
  • Mounts and volumes
  • Container networking


  • Docker© Compose
  • Software development with Docker©
  • Base Images
  • ENTRYPOINT in Dockerfile
  • Security: attack vectors on containers and countermeasures, best practices
  • CI/CD with containers
  • 12-Factor App


  • Container Runtime internals: OCI Specs, containers without Docker©, realization of containers (Namespaces, CGroups, etc.)
  • Docker© products (CE, EE, Enterprise, Docker© Desktop on Windows and Mac, Windows Containers on Windows 10 and Windows Server)
  • Automated container testing
  • Microservices and containers
  • Outlook: Orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker© Swarm)

Additional modules

We support you every step of the way – from advice to implementation:

Additional trainer day

We answer your individual questions and deepen or expand topics.

Additional day


You need individual support? We will assist you!

Additional day
Price upon request

Extended access to the training infrastructure

You will get access to the training infrastructure for in-depth practice beyond the training.


Video recording (only for online training)

Revisit the contents at your own pace with the recording of your training.


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We reserve the right to change the trainer

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